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Range of Motion and Chiropractic Care


At Pinnacle Chiropractic, one of the most common problems we see in our patients is difficulty with mobility. Tight and misaligned spines, shoulders, and hips can cause pain when moving. These patients exhibit limited range of motion and flexibility.

Why Range of Motion Matters

While we generally have a sense of our own range of motion, it can actually be measured by assessing the movement near a specific joint or body part. This is typically a good proxy for flexibility as well, and the measures will take into account any pain associated with the movement.

Most often, range of motion will be measured as it relates to athletic activity, but it impacts all daily activities. Things as simple as brushing your teeth, driving your car, and eating a meal all require your joints to be moving properly. We often don’t think about these processes as we complete them, but when one breaks down, it becomes apparent how important these movements are. Severe limitations can lead to trouble walking and performing basic tasks.

Why Might You Lose Range of Motion?

For some, range of motion simply declines as we age or become sedentary. There are also a host of medical conditions that can

Side Stretch

lead to degenerating range of motion. In these cases, it can be important to seek care from a chiropractor to work to prevent further loss.

In other cases, an injury will lead to limited range of motion, which often becomes a cycle. An injury may lead you to perform a certain movement less and therefore lose some of that range. Once your range of motion has been limited, it leaves you more prone to further injuries from pushing your body beyond its new limit.

Issues in limited range of motion can likely be traced back to your spine. Because the spine affects other areas of the body, limited range of motion in the spine can impact all other movements.

Increasing Range of Motion with Chiropractic Care

leg stretch

One of the best ways to address range of motion is by visiting a chiropractor who is trained in adjusting the spine to prevent and heal these issues. Spinal adjustments performed by chiropractors are shown to have a positive effect on range of motion. When you see a chiropractor for a spinal adjustment, they will be able to identify any misalignments that may be impacting motion, improve blood flow, and reduce inflammation that are critical to improving movement.

If you are experiencing limited range of motion, please schedule an appointment to see us atPinnacle Chiropractic.

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