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Getting On Your Nerves
March 13, 2018

Have you got 90 seconds to check out your spine? image

Low Back and Neck Pain is a SYMPTOM.

Muscle Spasm is a SYMPTOM. 

Joint Pain is a SYMPTOM. 

Radiating Pain is a SYMPTOM. 

Numbness and Tingling in your extremities is a SYMPTOM.

What all these SYMPTOM’s have in common is that they are all the result of Nerve Compression. Nerve compression is due to either a sudden traumatic event such as a trip and fall, or a repetitive stressful event such as sitting in front of a computer screen for endless hours at work or home. And sometimes these SYMPTOM’s are a combination of the two over time.

Why Is This Important?

By simply understanding the underlying cause of your symptoms, we can be extremely specific in finding the exact nerve that is being compressed, and that will lead to a quicker recovery. A quicker recovery means spending less time in my office and more time being active and feeling good.

How Do I Find It?

Through the use of digital thermography we can pinpoint the exact nerve being compressed and address the specific vertebrae and not all the surrounding ones. X-ray is only utilized when absolutely necessary. Nerve compression is not visible on X-ray and moving a spinal segment because “it looks out of line” can be dangerous. Adjusting a spinal segment that is not compressing a nerve can cause damage to the joint being adjusted unnecessarily. We call this adjusting compensation. By addressing only the primary Subluxation we get the results we are looking for without ever touching the compensating vertebra.

Don’t Be Fooled!

If are seeing a Chiropractor, or thinking about seeing one, please ask two questions:

  1. How do you find the compressed nerve? If the doctor says it is with x-ray are with my hands, please walk out the door never to return. You cannot find nerve compression with either of these methods. We use an analog device as well as a digital infrared thermography to pinpoint nerve compression. Any other way is misleading.
  2. How do you fix it? Any other answer other than “by hand” is wrong. No device or machine can duplicate the adjusting skills of an experienced Chiropractors hands.

As a Chiropractor I take my responsibility very seriously. Taking time to address only the spinal segments that need to be addressed and let the body do the rest. Clarence Gonstead, the man who first developed Full Spine Chiropractic care, and after whom my technique is named said it best:

Find the Subluxation, Accept Where You Find It, and Leave It Alone!

The Difference A Year Makes
January 8, 2018

Dr. Bart and patient and her mom

It is amazing how quickly the time goes by. While working with a patient last week, she mentioned that last year at this time she was in labor and on the verge of delivering her first child. I remember how nervous she was and how ready she was to be past it.  

At the same time I was experiencing my own anxiety as I was preparing for my own hospital visit. A quick recap: I had been dealing with severely high blood pressure for many years and had been taking five pills a day just to keep my blood pressure barely under control. After many arguments with multiple medical doctors, it was determined to be an adrenal tumor, just as I had suspected almost a year prior.

Surgery was performed on January 4th of last year and everything has been great ever since.  I am currently on zero medications, my blood pressure is holding steady at 117/76 with a resting heart rate of 55 beats per minute. I continue to exercise four to five days a week, but now I push myself harder. Constantly challenging myself to take advantage of extra years I have acquired due to my improved health status.

They say our time is fleeting so it is so important to take the best care of ourselves as possible. For me, as all of you are well aware, that starts with proper nutrition and regular exercise, but it would be remiss of me not to mention the importance of having my spine checked and having a on a regular basis. Regular spinal checkups allow me to continue to perform at my peak while preventing injuries that could hold me back from achieving my goals

Life is too short to let obstacles get in my way!

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